Were You DENIED on a Background Check

 WERE YOU DENIED ON YOUR BACKGROWND CHECK?   If you believe you were wrongly DENIED to buy a firearm or always get a DELAY when trying to perches a firearm, please read on. You may request an appeal from the NICS background system, the system used by a gun shop to check your background status. The form is quick and easy to fill out and if you are successful, you will be issued a UPIN (Unique Identification Number) to use in future firearms purchases. Just follow the link below to start the process. Link Here: https://forms.fbi.gov/nics-appeal-request-form The (VAF) voluntary Appeal File was created to help you clear up WRONGLY applied DENIAL or DELAY status.  Let them help you, that is why they are there. You can also go to FBI.GOV for more info. Please don’t put this off, get it fixed. To start you will need the “NTN”  NICS Transaction Number, you can get it from your dealer where the background check was performed, just ask your Dealer (gun shop) for the NTN#. You may submit your request by FAX or MAIL as follows. FAX completed request form and fingerprint card to (304) 625-0535 Or mail to: FBI  Criminal Justice Information Services division  National Instant Criminal Background Check System Section Appeal Services Team, Module A-1 PO Box 4278  Clarksbur

$35.00 Transfers

We also do transfers at $35/each gun (A transfer is when you order a gun on line and have it delivered to OUR SHOP. We accept delivery, check it into our books, set up an appointment for you to pick up your order, do the background check and all paper work and give you a receipt: All for $35.00 PER FIREARM)

((We do not ship or Transfer from OUR SHOP to another shops.))


Special Oders

If we don't have what you are looking for, just let us know! We can get you a price and availability. If you want us to order it for you, we can take the payment, order it, and give you a call when they deliver your new firearm. Your order could be in your hands in as little as seven days. 

We require payment in full on all special orders prior to ordering.

How too Transfer a Firearm

 How Too TRANSFER a Firearm in too PLINKERS from another seller. If you found a firearm at another location for example from a gun shop out of New Mexico, you can buy it from them and have it sent to PLINKERS as a TRANSFER. First you contact the seller of the forearm you want to buy, make arrangements for payment and shipping of that firearm. Have the SELLER contact PLINKERS at TDG55PHOTO@YAHOO.COM

 so I can email a copy of my FFL and get a copy of the shippers FFL (before it ships). When your firearm arrives here, I will contact you so you can come here to fill out a 4473 (background Check). Upon a return of PROCEED (this usually takes 15 Min) and with a copy of the sellers FFI, I will then be able release the firearm to you. I charge $35.00 for the TRANSFER.  Any firearm left over 30 days will be considered abandoned and will become the property of PLINKERS at no charge to PLINKERS.

If the background checks comes back as a DELAYED we will hold the firearm in a safe place until we get an update of PRODEED . Then we will contact you to pick up your firearm, and collect the $35.00 TRANSFER fee for EACH FIREARM.  Any firearm left over 30 days will be considered abandoned and will become the property of PLINKERS at no charge to PLINKERS. 

If the background comes back as a DENIED, YOU will be responsible for the cost of repackaging and shipping the firearm back to the SELLER and the $35.00 TRANSFER fee . 


 If you refuse to pay the above charges or the seller refuses to take the firearm back, the firearm will remain the property of PLINKERS at NO CHARGE to PLINKERS. We will NOT be responsible for any costs associated with the purchase of the firearm. You must get any reimbursement from your seller.   Any firearm left over 30 days will be considered abandoned and will become the property of PLINKERS at no charge to PLINKERS.


(We Do not transfer out or ship to other locations).